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Canter 2 Stroke Oil 125ml

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Canter 2 Stroke Oil



Heavy Duty Two-Stroke oil is a RED SEMI SYNTHETIC high quality very low ash, low smoke two-stroke
engine oil meeting the API-TC specification. It is blended using very and highly refined base oils with low
smoke viscosity index improvers giving an excellent combination of resistance to shear and good lubricity to
enhance the life span of your equipment.


Recommended for the lubrication of all two-stroke, air cooled petrol engines, I.E. motorcycles, mopeds,
lawnmowers, chain saws, etc. Manufacturers’ recommendations should be followed to ensure correct oil /
fuel mixture. General dilution ratios range from fuel: oil ratios of 1:16 (for older type engines) to 1:50(for
newer type engines) depending on application though the best reference would the OEM user manual for
the equipment.


Meets or exceeds:

  • API TC
  • JASO FC / ISO GD Level



  • Based on high quality base oils with high resistance to oxidation and volatility.
  • Keeps engine clean by preventing ring sticking, piston deposits, plug fouling and exhaust deposits.



The oil should be thoroughly mixed with petrol before placing the mixture in the tank.
The oil is NOT to be used in outboard engines.
Make sure to use the correct oil/petrol mixture as per manufactures specifications.




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